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Clover's Family Story

Emily & Spencer Carkeet
Clover, was diagnosed with Aicardi Syndrome, and infantile spasms, when she was just 12 weeks old. In the early days after diagnosis, Clover’s seizures could only be controlled by industrial levels of steroids, which made her extremely poorly. After a brief spell of seizure freedom, Clover relapsed, and the situation worsened until she was having hundreds of seizures a week. Frontline medications were not working, and we were desperate.

We managed to secured a private prescription for medicinal cannabis for Clover in August 2020. By November, her seizures had reduced by 95%. After adding THC the following April, they fell dramatically, to just 1-2 seizures a week. We have since been able to wean her off of all her pharmaceutical medications, and she is treated effectively by medical cannabis alone. Since weaning pharmaceutical medications, Clover has started to communicate more effectively, and her development has improved significantly.

Clover is three years old now. NHS Prescribed drugs can't control her seizures. Medical cannabis is the only thing that can help but we and 1,000's of other UK families can't get Medical Cannabis on the NHS. We have to pay thousands of pounds a year on private prescriptions. We are passionate about helping children and adults with Intractable Epilepsy fund this vital remedy until the NHS are able to prescribe.

Emily & Spencer speaking to the BBC about their situation. 

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