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Dr. Evan Cole Lewis MD, FRCPC, CSCN EEG Diplomate Director, Neurology Centre of Toronto by Numinus

Dr. Evan Cole Lewis is a Neurologist and Clinical Neurophysiologist with expertise in pediatric neurology and epilepsy. He is an Assistant Professor with the Department of Pediatrics at the Hospital for Sick Children and the University of Toronto.
Dr. Lewis is the founder & medical director of the Neurology Centre of Toronto (NCT), Chief Medical Advisor for the Jamaican Medical Cannabis Corporation and VP Psychedelic Neurology at Numinus – a Canadian company focused on research and
therapeutics with psychedelic medicines.
Dr. Lewis has clinical experience and special interest with psychedelic medicine and medical cannabis in the treatment of neurological conditions in adults and children. He has delivered many national and international educational seminars, talks and lectures on medical cannabis, psychedelic therapy and the intersection of psychedelics in neurology.
In the United Kingdom, he is a member of the Expert Committee of the Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society (MCCS) and an advisor for the Medical Cannabis Working Group for Drug Science,
 Intractable Epilepsy charity, the Cannabis Patient Advocacy & Support Services (CPASS) and MedCan.

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Complete Bio:

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Dr. Jennifer Anderson, MD, CCFP

Position: Family Physician and Principal Investigator with the University of Manitoba and the Paediatric Cannabis Research Clinic at the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba.




University of Manitoba            Bachelor of Science                           Completed May 2005

University of Manitoba            MD                                                      Completed May 2011

University of Manitoba            Residency in Family Medicine            Completed April 2014



Personal Statement:


Dr. Anderson is an innovative trailblazer working to help integrate cannabinoid medicine into the traditional medical model in both adult and paediatric patients. After experiencing difficulties navigating the field personally with her son with intractable epilepsy she has used the personal experiences and education to help advance the field and make cannabinoids accessible safely for patients within the traditional medical model using a collaborative educational approach. Further to this she has started a first in the world initiative with a pediatric cannabis research clinic at her academic centre the University of Manitoba.

While advocating and educating around cannabinoids, she maintains a full-time position working with hospital patients and as an Emergency Medicine physician at a busy regional centre. In this she has developed a consult based hospital practice integrating cannabinoid medicine into patient treatment plans in the hospital and emergency setting. On the side she runs a consult based cannabis practice to help other physicians help patients navigate cannabinoids safely for many medical conditions. She holds an appointment with the Department of Family Medicine and is a preceptor teaching both medical students and residents, hosting grand rounds and facilitating the integration of cannabinoid knowledge at every level.


Positions, Scientific Appointments


Physician and Principal Investigator at the Pediatric Cannabis Research Clinic at Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba                                              Sept 2022 to present.


Family Physician, Bison Family Medical Clinic                                  May 2022 to present

Emergency Physician, Bethesda Regional Health Center                April 2014 to present

Family Physician, various clinics                                                        April 2014 to May 2022

Appointment with the Department of Family Medicine                      April 2014 to present

            University of Manitoba


Contributions to Science


Mansell, Zaslawski, Mbabaali et al. Medical Cannabis in Schools: The experiences of Caregivers. Article accepted to Pediatrics and Child Health. In publication.

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