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Epilepsy and Medicinal Cannabis Awareness
Leading up to Purple Day on 26th March we will be sharing patient stories and real life experiences.
Please watch Mitch's short film, made by his family.

Mitchell was born on 17th October 2007, a beautiful healthy happy baby.
Our world changed forever in March 2008 when  Mitchell caught the deadly HSV1 virus - Herpes simplex encephalitis virus, it's caught from someone carrying the common cold sore virus.
This caused brain damage, intractable epilepsy,   autism and learning disabilities just to name a few. After spending nearly 3 months in Coventry university hospital we were allowed home.
Mitchell continued to have 30 plus seizures day and night, it was relentless and a life of seizures, eat , sleep and repeat. In 2014 aged 6 Mitchell  had already tried 8 Antiepileptic medications that ALL failed and we were told that having Corpus Callosotomy Surgery ( separating the left and right side of his brain)
was the only chance mitch had to be seizure free.
Mitchell was seizure free for only two months when his seizures came back with a vengeance. 
2018 hearing in the media CBD could possibly help my child ,I went to the nearest health food shop and brought a bottle of CBD even though I'd been told by every professional in Mitchell's care NOT to try CBD as there was no evidence or studies and it could be harmful!
Within 48 hours my child was SEIZURE FREE - yes SEIZURE FREE!! It was a MIRACLE!!

Fast forward to 2023 - Mitchell now has a private cannabis prescription for THC and CBD cannabis oil's, costing thousands per month. He now has 95% seizure control and life isn't a constant battle.

We are trying to get this funded on the NHS, but sadly it's not looking likely.

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